1. SHE DOESN’T NEED HIM TO MAKE POWER MOVES. Weak men can’t handle a boss b*tch. A weak man is intimidated by a woman who can get up and go with no questions asked.

2. SHE REQUIRES MORE TIME FROM HIM THAN MONEY. His time is more valuable to her than his money. Most weak men spend more time in the streets with their boys instead of being at home with their woman. Anyone can buy you a few gifts, but time is priceless. Gifts and money are replaceable, but time can never be replaced. She knows that if he gives her his time, she too is valuable to him.

3. SHE CAN BE DISRESPECTFUL WITH HER MOUTH WHEN SHE DEMANDS RESPECT. It can come off as verbal abuse at times and although it’s not acceptable, she does not want to be your mother. She does not want to raise a man. She gets frustrated because at this age, she expects a man to know what needs to be done around the home and in the relationship. A strong man is patient and understanding. He will put her in check if she gets out of pocket, but he respects her feelings and can handle her sharpness.

4. SHE KNOWS HER WORTH AND WILL ACCEPT NOTHING LESS. She has high standards that a weak man will find difficult to meet. Nothing will seem good enough and because of that he will seek validation from a woman with lower standards. A strong man is always willing to grow and go above and beyond for a woman he loves. He is her king and she is his queen. Together they are unstoppable.

5. SHE IS A NATURAL LEADER. A WEAK MAN CANNOT BE LED. He sees an independent woman as “too domineering” and “unladylike”. Most independent women have hard exteriors and soft interiors. It takes a strong man who is patient enough to peel back each of her hardened layers from the past pain she’s endured to uncover her softness. It takes a strong man who is willing to let his woman take the lead when necessary without confusing it with letting her be in control of everything all of the time. A weak man will let her do everything, but a strong man will know exactly when to take control, pamper her, and preserve her peace of mind and wellness.

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Author:Miss Metropolitan Junkie

Hi! I'm Miss Metropolitan Junkie. I’m a New York City based travel and lifestyle writer. I’m also an entrepreneur. I own an online boutique called shopmissmj.com. I'm an Island Hopper and a food lover! Join me on my journey xoxo


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