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Be careful who you vent to. Sometimes you could be looking for someone to be understanding or sympathetic towards your situation. Sometimes you just need advice or someone to listen. Maybe you want someone to choose a side or you are simply trying to warn them. Whatever the reason behind your desire to express your feelings, be cautious of who you share your feelings with. Some may not be prepared for what you have to say.  

Everybody placed in your life has a purpose, but knowing their purpose isnt always clear. Their purpose may not be to listen and understand your side. Your hurt, your struggle, your journey will not be understood by everyone. Do not allow the comfort in people’s presence make you open up and expose your deepest inner emotions. The desire to connect with individuals can be strong, but don’t let it fool you into trying to connect with people who were not put in your presence to connect with on an intimate level. 

It’s odd when you think of the shoe on the other foot. There are people who share your struggle and still will never understand your journey. Stop wasting time trying to get people to understand your side of the situation. Do not confide in man. Do not vent to someone because they made you feel like you can talk to them. Pray to God. Confide in God. He hears your cries. He sees your tears, he knows your journey, he feels your pain. He understands your anger and your feelings of disappointment. He knows the entire story. He will get you through it.

They don’t know your back story. They don’t know your struggles and frankly, even when they hear what you are saying, they aren’t listening, they really don’t care, or they are listening and cant wait to tell someone else their version of your story. Learn to open your soul by closing your mouth. Give your troubles to the Lord. They can’t save you, but God already has!



      1. Someone just text me “be careful who you vent to” & I sent them this good read! 👍🏼 😁
        I ❤️ it!!!

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