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The goal is to not just have a life, but to live. Live like there’s no tomorrow. Laugh like you heard the funniest joke. Give the longest, tightest hugs like you can’t let go. Take a moment to simply enjoy the moment. Allow yourself a moment where you stop counting calories and complaining about a few extra pounds. Shut out the negative background noise constantly telling you who you can’t become, how unattractive you are, how you’re not good enough. Stand up for yourself when people try to put you down. Be a bitch for once, it’s good for the soul.


Stop settling for less than you deserve. Negotiate a higher salary; call in sick even when you’re ok. Didn’t you get the memo? Life is short. You have one life to live and one opportunity to truly live it. Start fighting for your everyday happiness instead of complaining every night about how miserable you feel. Every second you live putting everyone’s needs before your own, is a second a piece of you dies when you don’t meet your own requirements. Put yourself first sometimes. You owe it to your physical and mental health.

 Here I am without a care in the world. I am feeling so jolly at Jolly beach in Antigua. I decided to make my happiness a priority. Living in peace and not in pieces is a priority. I refuse to be broken. No phone calls, text messages, or demands; it’s just sun, the blue waters, white sand and positive vibrations flowing through the air. I’m sipping fresh coconut water straight out of the shell. A cold refreshing Carib in the Caribbean is what separates me from indifference; nothing will come between us. This is what my life should be like. This is how I want to live every day and I’ve decided to progressively work towards this because this is how I feel the most alive! This is what living means to me. Remember the goal is not just to have a life, but to live. I’m going to do whatever it takes to accomplish my goal and live; happily ever after until the end.

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