We need to foster more entrepreneurs and ingrain the idea of entrepreneurship in their heads.  Our children seem more interested in Jordan sneakers, video games and volatile rap lyrics.  We need to introduce the idea of entrepreneurship to our kids and educate them more on financial responsibility and financial independence.

Segregation very much still exist by grouping poor people into poor neighborhoods and sending their poor children to “zone” schools where they are taught by teachers who lack passion for their career and lack compassion for their students.  Schools in our neighborhoods are failing.  Our children are underprivileged and deprived.  The interesting thing, however, is the best grades and the best education don’t always equate to a promising future.  You don’t need a 4.0 GPA to become a mogul.  You just need the spirit of a hustler.

Our inner city kids already have hustler spirits.  We need to show these kids how to choose positive hustles.  Think about all the people earning top dollars for marijuana sales, but the kids in the ghetto are going to jail for selling the same thing a hippie in Colorado is making millions from selling.  A drug dealer is a business man at the end of the day.  Most dealers end up in the drug business because real money earning career opportunities for underprivileged and poorly educated youth don’t exist. So they form their own enterprise; unfortunately, it’s illegal.

If we evoke the hustler spirit in our kids, they can run multi-million dollar businesses. A kid will fail math class because they can’t grasp the concept of the metric system, but years later will know the value of a kilo of cocaine.  They won’t understand fractions, but they know how to weigh, divide and sell drugs to multiply profits.

I like to see young boys who build a team and use their street money for studio time.  In the age of the internet, you’re more likely to find success posting videos on Instagram and YouTube than dropping off a mix tape at record companies.  We need to invest financially and emotionally in our children’s legal hustle.  Lemonade stands can become mega lemonade brands.  We need to raise our children to become leaders in their own right.

Before you buy your kid the latest pair of Jordan’s, sit and have a conversation with them about their future and their passion.  Take the time and money to invest in their passion.  Push them to become a CEO of their own entity.

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Raised in the Bronx; spending the majority of my days in the Midtown section of Manhattan, I have a fabulous addiction to life in New York City. I'm a lifestyle writer and social blogger. I enjoy traveling and photographing foods, landscapes, and people in their natural element. I also enjoy attending parades and street festivals in New York City; capturing the spirit and positive energy on video and in photographs. I style people's lives by offering them tips on fashion, food & wine, dining & entertaining, arts & culture, and more!


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