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Just respect me and everything will be fine.

IMG_2962What people think of me doesn’t concern me especially when they don’t do anything for me. You can dislike me for any reason you choose, just respect me and everything will be fine. I was a person who cared too much about what people think of me. I’m an awesome wife and a loving mother. I’m a loyal friend and a dedicated employee. I’m a good woman and if you find fault in me, then something is wrong with you. I do what I can to not cross boundaries. I address individuals with the utmost respect. So I know I’ve given you something that you didn’t have to earn. And the least you can offer me is the same respect in return.

I’m not interested in proving myself to anyone because I learned that you can give your all and spread love to anyone who is willing to accept it and someone, for no reason, will still reject you. I can’t waste my precious thoughts on why people don’t like me. I have people who love me that deserve my full attention.

I can’t make anyone’s jealousy, insecurity, bitterness, or unhappiness my problem. I have to focus on those who celebrate me, love me, value me, and respect me. Your issues with me are not my problem and my peace and joy shouldn’t be a problem for you. I’m going to mind my business and not concern myself with your issue with me especially when I’m not even close enough with you to be an issue. I will let people create problems with me in their minds, but they should look to themselves to solve the issues they have created in their minds. Your problem with me is a personal problem that really has nothing to do with me. So I will let you sit at home all day in your miserable little corner on your cell phone, posting miserable little quotes, with your miserable little crew while I’m on the beach in the Caribbean sipping cocktails feeling relaxed, happy, and unbothered.

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