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1. The person you think you will be with forever was placed in your life temporarily.

2. One day you will find yourself living a fulfilling life without the person you thought you couldn’t live without.

3. He’s your first lesson, not your first love. 

4. Don’t play house with a man who chooses not to come home.

5. He will move on from you, still not love you, but still not want to see you happy with someone else.

6. The man who continuously broke your heart will eventually face his karma, and she will show him little mercy.  

7. You were meant to just have a child with him; nothing more. 

8. The person doing all the cheating is usually the one with the low self-esteem.

9. You can’t force him to be a good father so continue to be the best mother you can be. 

10. He will be a big disappointment to your daughter, and there is little you can do about it.  

11. When he said “it’s not you, it’s me,” he was telling the truth! Stop believing that you weren’t enough. You were too much and too good for him!

12. A lot of families are broken then blended; it’s part of God’s plan.

13. Someone will carefully put all of your broken pieces back together and love you like you’ve never been loved.



  1. This was a very good read. Alot of females need to read this because they do feel that it’s them and being to doubt themselves.

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