The current social climate is gloomy. That is why it is important to not let life rain on your day. Learn to pause for a second and laugh out loud for a while! Stop taking life so seriously all of the time and enjoy the present moment you’ve been given.

I don’t want to be known as the girl with an attitude. When you walk away from me, I want you to remember my laugh or at least my smile. Happiness is infectious. Be the person who will still have a light heart even during a period in your life where you may be carrying a heavy load. Be the sunshine in someone’s day! Just be happy 😊


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Author:Miss Metropolitan Junkie

Raised in the Bronx; spending the majority of my days in the Midtown section of Manhattan, I have a fabulous addiction to life in New York City. I'm a lifestyle writer and social blogger. I enjoy traveling and photographing foods, landscapes, and people in their natural element. I also enjoy attending parades and street festivals in New York City; capturing the spirit and positive energy on video and in photographs. I style people's lives by offering them tips on fashion, food & wine, dining & entertaining, arts & culture, and more!


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